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Meet the Artisan and her little helper

Lighter Shades of Blue is simply me, Amanda and my little helper, no big fancy corporation, a textile artist specialising in cyanotype prints onto fabric. I was raised in the Dorset countryside by a seamstress mother who made fancy home furnishings for rather grand country homes giving me inspiration as a child. My love of textiles, photography and home interiors has brought about Lighter Shades of Blue.

What is a Cyanotype I hear you say!??

Cyanotype is simply the historical process of creating a blueprint, hence the blue!

Also known as photograms, is the historical form of photography first developed by John Herscel in the 1842. Popularised by Anna Atkins in 1900s when she used the technique to document her beautiful botanical studies. Created using natural sunlight, capturing a moment in time, making each piece unique. The process simply involves using light sensitive chemicals on fabric, placing a negative onto this fabric, be it a leaf, image or object. Then exposing to sun light.