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Lighter Shades of Blue

Unique cyanotype light shades handcrafted with Mother Nature. Embellished with gold or copper foil for added luxury. Lined with a mirror finish gold or copper lining for added opulence and creating a warm glow of light. These statement lampshades will compliment any stylish home interior adding a touch of glamour and uniqueness. Designed so they can be used as pendant light shades or for table lamps, the choice is yours.


Cyanotypes are a historical photographic printing process also known as blueprint, photogram or sun printing. The process of creating an image using a light sensitive solution and a negative. 

First developed by Sir John Herschel in 1842 and later popularised by Anna Atkins who used the technique to document her botanical finds. Now a beautiful contemporary craft used to create pieces of art capturing nature with nature.

Unique Contemporary Handcrafted Light Shades

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