Going Large

This week came two requests for the same design in large, my double exposure ferns! My standard lampshade designs go as large as a 35cm diameter. This is all to do with the process of making the fabric and the size of my exposure frame (yes my DIY board and Perspex). Always one for a challenge and a week of sunshine forecast I said 'Yes, sure' one in 50cm and one in a 40cm diameter.

First challenge was to exposure a piece of fabric long enough, this would mean I would have to set up my exposure outside in daylight. Anything so large would be impossible for me to place up inside then manoeuvre outside on my own. I gathered all of the pressed ferns I had available and had to just go for it. The breeze really wasn't my friend.

It took 3 attempts at this giant exposure to make sure (but you will see from the above image 3 exposures done in same way on the same day can all be totally different!)

To get the double exposure I just needed to take off some of the ferns towards the end of the exposure time but being in the shade I feel I didn't gauge this time quite right on my first attempt.

Once exposed, dried in the sun, washed and ironed the fabric is ready for the foiling process to add a bit of bling. I use the same ferns that I use for the exposures to create the foiled fern image. Then to make the fabric into the shade. This final stage definitely gives me more confidence in my fabric, once wrapped on the shade it takes on a whole new life.

It has taken me two whole days to make these 3 light shades and each one is unique never can I make two exactly the same. I can't predict mother nature and this is what makes my lampshades so special. Owning something you know no one else does, just like humans, they are ultimately the same but actually very different.

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